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Join the pool of highly paid professionals with the best SAP FICO training at Samavetah. At Samavetah we have designed an industry-focused syllabus to help you learn the in-demand skills from expert faculty that will take you a step ahead in your career.

Duration: 28 weeks
100% Job Placement

Samavetah Learning Benefits

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Industry relevant curriculum
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Industry oriented tailor-made courses
  • Free of cost doubt clearing sessions after course completion
  • State-of-the-art resource pool
  • Flexible learning hours 
  • Virtual learning program
  • Scientifically designed teaching methodology

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Benefits of Learning SAP FICO

1.360 Degree Development - At Samavetah our courses are designed for the 360 degree holistic development of our students. We ensure that they learn the best practices by mastering both theoretical concepts and practical applications.
2.Real-Time Projects - Our students get hands-on experience in practical projects and case studies using the most standard and updated models for showcasing their updated skills to employers.
3.Expert Faculty – Our faculty members are experts with proven track record in the relevant domain. Their experience and proficiency in the subject adds to the knowledge bank of our students.  
4.Learn from anywhere - We offer virtual/online training sessions. Only a laptop and stable internet connection is required to access our LIVE classroom teaching.
5.Industry recognized portfolio – At Samavetah there is a unique partnership of academics and industry. Hence, the courses are tailor-made to make the students job ready and help them get a credible portfolio of industry endorsed projects and certificate.
SAP FICO Online Training Institute in Kolkata

Course Details

Our syllabus covers detailed subtopics that come under the broad categories listed below.

Introduction to ERP

• What is ERP?    
• Why we need ERP?
• Advantage of ERP?
• Major ERP packages
• What is sap?

FINANCE Enterprise Structure
• Organizational Units
• Define Company
• Define Company Code
• Define Business Area
• Assign Company Code to Company
• Define Plant, Purchase Organization, Storage location
• Define Sales Organization, Shipping Point,
• Distribution Channels and Divisions
• Assign plant and purchasing organization to company code
• Assign purchasing organization to plant
• Assign sales organization,
• Distribution channels and Divisions to company code
• Assign shipping point

Financial Accounting GlobalSetting:
• Maintain Fiscal year variant
• Maintain posting period variant
• Open and closing periods
• Maintain field status variant
• Enter global parameters
• Define document types and number ranges
• Define posting keys
• Maximum exchange rate difference
• Define text for line items
• Default values for values for document

Chart of Accounting List
Define Operative chart of Accounts

• Define group chart of accounts
• Define country specie chart of accounts
• Assign chart of accounts to company code
• Define account group
• Define retained earning account

GL Account Creation and processing
• Define tolerance groups for G/L accounts
• Define tolerance groups for employees
• Define GL account
• Block/Unblock GL accounts
• General document posting
• Document in G/L park post, Hold, Recurring, Sample,

Account Assignment model etc.
• Open item management
• Incoming payments
• Outgoing payments
• Charge of differences
• Manual clearing
• Automatic clearing
• Foreign currency posting
• Foreign currency valuation
• Work list preparations
• Layout preparations
• Display balances (with variant)
• Control totals
• Multiple currencies
• Reserve Document
• Individual reversal
• Mass reversal
• Reversal of reversal
• Reset cleared item reversal

Account receivable:
• Define account groups with screen layout (customers)
• Create number ranges and assign to accounts groups
• Define tolerance to customers/vendors
• Create customer master record
• Customer document posting
• Customer incoming payment
• Maintain terms of payment
• Define account for cash discount granted
• Charges of differences
• Down payment
• Transfer with clearing
• Automatic clearing
• Dunning
• Item interest calculation
• Sales tax
• Define accounts for exchange rate differences
• Foreign currency posting and valuation
• Credit memo postings

Account payable:
• Define account groups with screen layout (vendors)
• Create number ranges to vendor account groups
• Assign number ranges to vendor account groups
• Create vendor master record
• Vendor invoice posting
• Define accounts for cash discount taken
• Define accounts for bank charges (vendors)
• Define accounts for overpayments/underpayments
• Down payment
• Alternative payee
• Define accounts for exchange rate differences
• Foreign currency posting and valuation
• Automatic payments program (APP)
• Credit memo postings
• Check management
• Individual check payment
• Manual check payment
• Check register
• Create void reason cods
• Reprint check
• Unused checks cancellation
• Issued checks cancellation
• Cancel payment
• Delete manual checks

Bank accounting
• Define house bank
• Creates check lots
• Bank account interest calculation
• Cash journals
• BRS (manual bank stamen, electronic bank statement)
• Lock box processing

Asset management
• Copy chart of depreciation
• Assign tax code for nontaxable transactions
• Assign chart of depreciation to company code
• Specify account determination
• Create screen layout rules
• Define asset classes
• Define number ranges
• Creation of GLs
• Integration with GL
• Posting rules
• Determine depreciation areas in asset classes
• Define screen layout for asset master data
• Define number ranges for depreciation posting
• Depreciation key
• Define base method
• Define declining balance method
• Define multilevel method
• Define period control method
• Define depreciation key
• Asset master creation Creation of main asset Creation of sub asset
• Asset purchase posting
• Sale of asset
• How to view sub asset value balance
• How to view the asset balance
• Depreciation run
• Asset transfers and asset scrapping
• Asset explorer and asset history sheet

Integration with FICO

Final preparations
• Define financial statement versions
• Display of trial balances
• Display of GL balances
• Display of A/R balances
• Display of A/P balances
• Display of assets balances


Clear Your Doubts

1Is there any placement assurance?

There are more than 2500 placement partners and we do have 100% placement assistance.

2Do I have an option to pay the fees later after I get a job?

No. There is no option of paying later. However, students can avail installment facility to pay the fees.

3Can I attend classes online?

Yes, you just need a laptop / desktop and a stable internet connection to access our virtual training program.

4How will SAP FICO course help in career development?

The SAP FICO course adds to your skills and knowledge for a higher paid job. The demand for SAP FICO consultants is rapidly growing as more and more companies are implementing SAP systems.

5How can I benefit from this course?

Our course is designed to make you job-ready  with theoretical and practical training. We have flexible learning hours and online training facility to help you pursue your studies or job alongside.

6What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 28 weeks.

7What is the admission procedure?

First the students will undergo a counseling session. Next they are offered to choose   modules according to their educational background. They are free to choose the subjects  they are interested in.

8What is the course fees?

The course fees is 25,000 (classroom training) and The course fees is 20,000 (Online training)

9What is the eligibility criteria for SAP FICO course in Samavetah?

Minimum - Graduate or post graduate ( Science , Commerce , Arts ) / Engineering / Any professional degrees/ MBA in any stream

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