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Are you looking for the best institute for SD-HANA course in India? Samavetah offers SD HANA with live projects by experienced faculty. We focus on high quality industry relevant training that will open the doors of career opportunities for you.

Duration: 3 Months
100% Job Placement

Samavetah Learning Benefits

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Industry relevant curriculum
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Industry oriented tailor-made courses
  • Free of cost doubt clearing sessions after course completion
  • State-of-the-art resource pool
  • Flexible learning hours 
  • Virtual learning program
  • Scientifically designed teaching methodology

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Benefits of Learning SD HANA

1. 360 Degree Development - At Samavetah our courses are designed for the 360 degree holistic development of our students. We ensure that they learn the best practices by mastering both theoretical concepts and practical applications.
2.Real-Time Projects - Our students get hands-on experience in practical projects and case studies using the most standard and updated models for showcasing their updated skills to employers. 
3.Expert Faculty – Our faculty members are experts with proven track record in the relevant domain. Their experience and proficiency in the subject adds to the knowledge bank of our students.   
4 Learn from anywhere - We offer virtual/online training sessions. Only a laptop and stable internet connection is required to access our LIVE classroom teaching.
5 Industry recognized portfolio – At Samavetah there is a unique partnership of academics and industry. Hence, the courses are tailor-made to make the students job ready and help them get a credible portfolio of industry endorsed projects and certificate.
SAP SD HANA Online Training Institute in Kolkata

Course Details

Our syllabus covers detailed subtopics that come under the broad categories listed below.

•    SAP Simple Logistics Overview
o    ERP Model vs S/4 HANA Data Model
o    SAP S/4 HANA Business Suite ? Key Features

•    Navigation
o    SAP Fiori UX
o    SAP Business Client
o    SAP Logon

•    System-wide concepts
o    Organizational elements
o    Master data concept (e.g. material master, business partner)

•    Logistics capabilities
o    Purchase-to-pay processing
o    Plan-to-Produce processing
o    Order-to-Cash processing

•    Embedded Analytics
•    SAP Activate

o    Best Practices content

•    Navigation with SAP Fiori
o    Identifying Key Features of SAP Fiori

•    Enterprise Structures
o    Identifying Enterprise Structures in SAP S/4HANA Sales

•    Overview of Sales Processes
o    Executing SAP S/4HANA Sales Processes
o    Processing Sales Documents
o    Processing Outbound Deliveries
o    Shipping Goods
o    Processing Billing Documents

•    Master Data
o    Maintaining Customer (Business Partner) Master Data
o    Maintaining Material Master Data
o    Maintaining Customer-Material Info Records
o    Maintaining Condition Master Data for Pricing

•    Availability Check
o    Performing an Availability Check - Basics

•    Collective Processing
o    Executing Collective Processing

•    Additional Processes in Sales
o    Using Presales Documents
o    Executing Make-to-Order Production
o    Selling Service Products

•    Complaints Processing
o    Creating Credit Memo Requests
o    Cancelling Billing Documents
o    Creating Returns

•    Monitoring and Sales Analytics
o    Utilizing the Sales Order Fulfilment Monitor
o    Using Analytical Apps

•    Business Processes in SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain Execution
o    Organizational units and master data in Supply Chain Execution
o    Mapping goods receipt and goods issue processes in SAP S/4HANA
o    Monitoring these processes in the warehouse management monitor

•    Sales Processing in SAP S/4HANA Sales
•    Introduction to the Sales Process in SAP S/4HANA

o    Processing Sales Documents
o    Enterprise Structures in Sales and Distribution
o    Setting Up Enterprise Structures
o    Sales Order Processing
o    Identifying Sources of Document Data
o    Using Additional Functions During Sales Order Processing

•    Sales Document Customizing
o    Controlling Sales Processes
o    Defining Sales Document Types
o    Applying Item Categories
o    Interpreting the Item Category Determination
o    Using Bills of Material in Sales Documents

•    Output
o    Adjusting Output Determination
o    Adjusting Output Types
o    New Output Management

•    Data Flow
o    Interpreting the Document Flow of Sales Processes
o    Setting Up the Copying Control

•    Special Business Processes
o    Executing Special Business Processes (Different types of sales orders and consignment processing)

•    Incomplete Documents
o    Handling Incomplete Documents
o    Setting Up an Incompletion Procedure

•    Business Partners
o    Using Partner Functions in Sales Processes in SAP S/4HANA
o    Setting Up Partner Determination Procedures
o    Business Partner Integration for Customer

•    Outline Agreements
o    Using Different Types of Outline Agreements
o    Interpreting the Set-Up of Value Contracts

•    Material Determination
o    Setting Up Material Determination

•    Material Listing and Exclusion
o    Setting Up Master Data for Material Listing / Exclusion

•    Free Goods
o    Setting Up the Determination of Free Goods

•    Sales Scenarios
o    Setting Up a Cash Sales Scenario
o    Controlling the Usage of Bills of Material in a Sales Order
o    Setting Up a Material Determination Scenario

•    Delivery Processing in SAP S/4HANA Content
•    Idea and Function of the Delivery Document

o    Explaining the Concept and Structure of the Delivery Document

•    Basic Organizational Units for the Delivery Process
o    Maintaining the Organizational Units for Delivery Processes

•    Controlling Deliveries
o    Controlling Delivery Documents

•    The Goods Issue Process Based on the Delivery
o    Adjusting Automatic Determination of Relevant Fields for Outbound Delivery Creation
o    Adjusting Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
o    Processing Outbound Deliveries
o    Using the Outbound Delivery Monitor

•    Processes and Functions based on the Delivery
o    Picking
o    Packing Process
o    Handling Goods Issues
o    Using Special Functions in Deliveries

•    Further Application Areas of the Delivery Document
o    Transferring Stock Between Plants
o    Performing Goods Receipts Using Deliveries

•    Pricing in SAP S/4HANA Sales
•    Condition technique in Pricing

o    Introducing Pricing
o    Introducing Condition Technique

•    Pricing Configuration
o    Configuring Pricing

•    Condition Records
o    Working with Pricing Reports
o    Maintaining Condition Records
o    Working with Condition Records

•    Condition Types
o    Using Special Condition Types
o    Using Statistical Condition Types
o    Analyzing the Determination of Tax Condition Types

•    Overview Pricing Agreements
•    Billing in SAP S/4HANA Sales
•    Billing Documents in Sales and Distribution Processes

o    Integrating Billing Documents in the Sales and Distribution Process

•    Organizational Units
o    Setting Up Organizational Units

•    The Billing Process
o    Controlling the Billing Process

•    Special Billing Types
o    Creating Billing Documents in Complaint Processing
o    Creating Pro Forma and Cash Sales Invoices

•    Data Flow
o    Setting Up the Data Flow for Billing Documents

•    Types of Settlement
o    Analyzing Invoice Combination and Invoice Split
o    Setting Up Invoice Lists

•    Special Business Processes
o    Up Billing Plans
o    Processing Down Payments
o    Processing Instalment Payments

•    Account Determination
o    Setting Up the Account Determination

•    Interface Between Sales and Financial Accounting
o    Adjusting the Interface Between Sales and Financial Accounting

•    SAP S/4 HANA PP Integration with Other Modules
o    with SAP MM
o    with SAP SD
o    with SAP QM
o    with SAP FICO

Clear Your Doubts

1Is there any placement assurance?

There are more than 2500 placement partners and we do have 100% placement assistance.

2Do I have an option to pay the fees later after I get a job?

No. There is no option of paying later. However, students can avail installment facility to pay the fees.

3Can I attend classes online?

Yes, you just need a laptop / desktop and a stable internet connection to access our virtual training program.

4How will SD HANA course help in career development?

The demand for SAP HANA experts is growing. Many leading companies look for a  certified HANA expert.


5How can I benefit from this course?

Our course is designed to make you job-ready with theoretical and practical training. We have flexible learning hours and online training facility to help you pursue your studies or job alongside.

6What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 28 weeks.

7What is the admission procedure?

First the students will undergo a counseling session. Next they are offered to choose   modules according to their educational background. They are free to choose the subjects  they are interested in. 

8What is the course fees?

The course fees is 35,000

9What is the eligibility criteria for SD HANA course in Samavetah?

Minimum - Graduate or post graduate ( Science , Commerce , Arts ) / Engineering / Any professional degrees/ MBA in any stream

10Do I have an option to pay the fees later after I get a job?

No. There is no option of paying later. However, students can avail installment facility to pay the fees.

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