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Recognized as a Startup Organization by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. Govt. of India ]
[ Recognized by Ministry Of MSME, Govt. of India ]

'Samavetah'  means collective synergy as reffered to the first shloka of Bhagavad Gita.

Samavetah Softteq Solutions LLP
is a leading Consulting, Resourcing, Software Development and amongst the premier IT training institutes in India. We are committed to our services towards 'Digital India'. Our services include software development, data analytics, image compressing software, school education software for rural india and software maping of services for rural India.

Samavetah Softteq Solutions LLP provides its consulting services towards the society through highly sophisticated ERP softwares across India. We are committed in next generation consulting and digital services. Our on going learning agenda drives their continuous improvment through building and transferring digital skill, expertise and ideas from our innovation eco system.

At Samavetah, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond the business cycle. We provide assistance to all socially, economicaly weaker sections of our society through quality IT training. We work with people who have the ambition and the passion to transform their business into something new exploration and add value to our socity. Our consulting services provides a structured approach to designing and planning business transformation that will harness their passion and achieve their ambition. Our consultants provide the experience and the commitment to your agenda, to support you through the transformation journey.

Our Valuable Services

Why Choose Us
    • We define your ambition and aspiration.
    • We work with you to define the high level business processes and capabilities that ables you to achive your ambition.
    • We drive consensus on the core technologies(ERP, Digital Consulting, Cloud) that  enhances the approach to business transformation and industrialized deployment, minizing the risk and maximizing society benifits.
    • We help in e-governnance methods, structures and tools needed to deliver the Digital India transformation program.
    • We build a high level data strategy with a focus on master data, data quality management and the data needed to service reporting and monitoring requirements.
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